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Computer Engineering VS Aerospace Engineering

  1. Jul 21, 2013 #1
    I am very confused as to which major I would like to choose. I am very interested in computer engineering because one day (hopefully soon) I would like to be a entrepreneur and own my own business and make decent- good money. Money isn't the biggest thing to me, but rather owning my own business and working for myself is what I would like to ultimately do. Within computer engineering semiconductors interest me a ton, so that is an option if I choose or find out owning my own business is going to be much harder than I anticipated.

    I am also very interested in Aerospace engineering, possibly more so than Computer Engineering. With this path I would like to own my own business as well, but I suspect it will be MUCH harder to own my business this way. Though I don't know much on how to start a business in this kind of field either. My biggest interest with Aerospace is propulsion systems and it would be nice to get a P.h.D and study exotic propulsion systems (possibly nuclear or anti matter). These fields are much more physics based and I am wondering if I should get a physics degree or minor in addition to my Aerospace Degree. I still want to get the engineering degree because I still want to take those design classes and such. If any one could help guide me that would be nice.

    I am thinking I will like aerospace engineering much more because when I took AP physics B in high school mechanics was my strong point in comparison to all the circuit and EM stuff that really confused me. I also enjoy mechanics much more and feel like it will be much more hands on.
    The only thing with CE that interests me is programming and integrating that with lets say a robot or something in the physics world.

    I am also very interested in Nuclear Engineering but feel that would even be harder to open a business with...

    Also, I would like to eventually get my P.h.D

    I am currently a first year community college student, I have not taken any engineering classes or physics above AP physics B. In the fall I will be taking Intro to engineering and COmp Sci 1 if that makes a difference.
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    Well they always say Computer Engineering is just a mixture of Programming/CompSci classes along with Electrical Engineering, and AerospaceE is just "applied mechanical engineering" applying those concepts on aircraft.

    Most universities have fairly similar freshman years for those in the engineering program, so you could switch majors fairly easy at the beginning and take some time to become more acquainted with each. It may be harder to own your own business in Aerospace, but tell that to the guys who started Boeing or Lockheed-Martin. I'm sure they're loving that they took the chance.

    You can't go wrong with either, both have great job prospects but both are very specific. An electrical engineer with some programming experience can do CompE, just like a mechanical engineer can do AerospaceE. Follow your heart.
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    Thank you very much, I have many options to consider. I am hoping I will figure it all out before I transfer. Any one else have advice for me???
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    It really boils down to what you are most interested in and passionate about... as well as what kind of business you are talking about? This is where I am somewhat confused... What do you mean by business here? there are lots of businesses relating to computing but most business owners don't follow the PHD root (that being said this may fall into a different category?). It seems from your post that it is very important to you that eventually own your own business. Maybe find out more about what kind of business exactly you are looking into.
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    I got some advice for ya: I wouldn't worry about missin' the boat on nuclear or anti-matter propulsion for aircraft. Even if it was available, you wouldn't be allowed to use it, at least not in Earth's atmosphere.
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