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Computer Engineering vs Computer Science ?

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    Computer Engineering vs Computer Science ??

    Hello !

    I am a student from India. I have finished high school and now I can't decide what to study Computer Engineering or Computer Science. I'll be applying as a transfer student to some of the universities in USA/Canada next year. Mainly Clemson, McMaster and a few others.

    I got a GPA of 3.667 in my first semester which consisted of
    Mechanics, Calculus I, C++, Engineering Fundamentals, General Chemistry and English.

    I am a person who enjoys math and science and computers. I have relatively high marks in the area of Math and Computer Science, and the Computer Technology courses.
    I enjoy Physics as well, but i hate the part about Electricity & Magnetism.
    Also, i'm kind of a procrastinator.
    In my extra curriculars, I enjoy playing video games and surfing the internet.

    I like computer programming and i'm fascinated by Digital Electronics.

    Computer Engineering Curriculum

    Computer Science Curriculum

    With this in mind, could you please tell me which degree suits me?
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    Re: Computer Engineering vs Computer Science ??

    I am currently majoring in Computer Engineering. Ultimately it comes down to what you really want to do. Since you like video games and surfing the interwebs, I would say go for Computer Science. If you want to do something with video games, focus on video game design. Computer Engineering is more hardware than software.
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    Re: Computer Engineering vs Computer Science ??

    Thanks for the reply. :)

    Yeah but i'm also interested in the hardware part...
    moreover, I've heard that research opportunities are greater in CE... is that true??

    also, could you tell me some extra certifications/courses I can do which will improve my chances of getting a job/internship at the end of the course?

    In case i go for a CE major, will certifications in JAVA, .NET or Unix matter?

    I also plan on joining the co-op program.. will it help?
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    Re: Computer Engineering vs Computer Science ??

    interesting, I had this problem when I was trying to figure out what to to pick. In the end I finally found a CS course which has enough math and hardware. When I was researching where or what to take I realised no univeristy presents CS or CE in the same way. Listen, you asked us to decide which course is best for you. This is a terrible idea :P. I would first research what both these subjects actually contain. Perhaps read a few books or watch online lecturers. After that, study the contents of university curriculums.
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    Re: Computer Engineering vs Computer Science ??

    You will deal with some hardware as a CS major, just not as much as a CE would. I would imagine that yes the research opportunities are far greater in CE (though don't quote me on it). Well each job/internship requires different skills and such. No doubt a minor in CS would help a lot when it comes to jobs/internships. Certifications will matter. As a CE major, you will be dealing with both Hardware and software. My recommendation is to go for a CE major and go for a minor CS. I am not sure what you mean by co-op program.
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