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Computer Engineering vs Computer Systems Engineering

  1. Sep 16, 2012 #1
    Hi, I'm currently a sophomore at a 4 year university. I'm going to be switching my major to something in engineering. (I've talked to an advisor to verify that I can do this without postponing my graduation.

    My school offers an undergraduate degree in Computer Systems Engineering and a masters degree in Computer Engineering. However, when I look at job postings at places like Intel, Microsoft, Apple, etc, they all require a bachelors in Computer Engineering. I have been looking at other University's websites, and most of them offer a Computer Engineering bachelors.

    Is there a difference between these two? If I got a bachelors in Computer Systems Engineering, would I still be eligible for the jobs that require a Computer Engineering degree? I've yet to see one job that says anything about a Computer Systems Engineering degree. I can post the major classes that I am going to take if that would be helpful.

    Finally, would it be plausible for me to get into an EE masters program, assuming that I have good grades? I could do EE for my bachelors, but that would delay my graduation, something that I'm not really willing to do.

    Here are some of the major courses I have to take:

    Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming
    Data Structures and Algorithms
    Introduction to Software Engineering
    Circuits I
    Circuits II
    Embedded Microprocessor Systems
    Design and Synthesis of Digital Hardware
    Operating Systems
    Computer Networks
    Systems Capstone Project I (L)
    Systems Capstone Project II (L)
    Computer Architecture I

    These don't include the obvious physics, chem, calc, linear algebra, and diff eq. I also have to take 4 other upper division classes of my choosing. I can take Computer Architecture II, Mobile Computing, Network Security, to name a few.
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  3. Jan 26, 2017 #2
    I ALSO NEED HELP ON THIS ASAP. I REALLY dont understand the difference between Computer Engineering and Computer Systems Engineering.
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