Computer has intermittent freezing problems

  1. When I first turn on my computer in the morning, it will have intermittent freezing problems when I'm trying to do stuff. Like if I come here and click on something, it will freeze for a few seconds, but my cursor can still move, but it's just slow. After everything I do, it will stop, take a little while to load and then I can do something else. Sometimes the browser will say "not responding" and then it will start working again in a few seconds. It does this until the computer has been on for a little while, then it's normal, almost like it has to warm up first. Anyone know what could be causing this?
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  3. You have too much starting when the computer starts and so until all of that has run and cleared you can't do much. (Imagine 30 programs trying to run all at once when it starts and you trying to work on top of it.)

    If you're running windows, type msconfig into run and hit return (enter).

    Click on the startup tab and then deselect everything in there except for anti-virus and from my experience anything Apple related.

    Hit apply and then ok and it should prompt for restart.

    Now restart it and see how it runs.
  4. I tried that but it's still doing the same thing. I'm afraid this computer is going to crap out on me soon. I've had it a while and I use it a lot. Think this is signs of a near death?
  5. How much memory does it have?

    How much free HD space?

    What is the processor?
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