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Homework Help: Computional Methods Problem with Fortran programming

  1. Apr 17, 2009 #1
    Is there anyone familiar with Fortran programming, who can give me some simple ideas or resources how can I strart this project? Many thanks

    Data Structures - The Permutation Group
    In this project, the group of permutations on N elements (where N is probably fairly small, perhaps N= 9 or less) is represented as a data structure. The main program employs the USE command to access a module containing the declarations, type definitions, functions and subroutines.
    The module should use operator overloading to make * the multiplication operator between permutations, and ** a permutation taken to some ower. The module should also have a function or subroutine that determines the order of the permutation.

    1. Create a subroutine that inverts a permutation.
    2. Create a subroutine that converts a permutation to cycle notation.
    3. Create a subroutine that determines whether a permutation is even or odd.
    4. Discuss how other algebraic structures could be represented and calculated.
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    hi kevek.
    did u figure how to start this ? i need your help with this question.
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