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Concepts and Misconceptions in Physics - Rahul Tuli

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    "Concepts and Misconceptions in Physics - Rahul Tuli"

    hi all
    Am frm India and this a bk by an indian author .
    Anyone who is using or has used it....?Is this a good book.Iam keen to know about some of its FEATURES.Moreover will it help in some last moment brushing of essential concepts and help me in clearing out my conceptual doubts(Iam preparing (self study)for AIEEE & BITSAT 2007).I need some guidance urgently.
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    It would interesting to read this book. But there is no info/reviews on ebay, amazon, or google books. Google doesnt even have significant search results for the title or author.
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    The book doesnt seem to be famous...it is an indian publication by an indn author...Ive heard tht it is good...but I want to clarify this from a reliable source who has used it.
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    When you look up the book on yahoo, only 7 results come up, and 2 of them are PhysForum.

    Good luck with self-study.
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    hmm sometimes google only searches for english websites... maybe indian search results aren't being shown.

    what kind of tests are those? are they calc based physics, algebra physics, or general concepts of physics?
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