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Concepts are defined as abstract ideas or general notions that occur in the mind, in speech, or in thought. They are understood to be the fundamental building blocks of thoughts and beliefs.
They play an important role in all aspects of cognition. As such, concepts are studied by several disciplines, such as linguistics, psychology, and philosophy, and these disciplines are interested in the logical and psychological structure of concepts, and how they are put together to form thoughts and sentences. The study of concepts has served as an important flagship of an emerging interdisciplinary approach called cognitive science.In contemporary philosophy, there are at least three prevailing ways to understand what a concept is:
Concepts as mental representations, where concepts are entities that exist in the mind (mental objects)
Concepts as abilities, where concepts are abilities peculiar to cognitive agents (mental states)
Concepts as Fregean senses (see sense and reference), where concepts are abstract objects, as opposed to mental objects and mental statesConcepts can be organized into a hierarchy, higher levels of which are termed "superordinate" and lower levels termed "subordinate". Additionally, there is the "basic" or "middle" level at which people will most readily categorize a concept. For example, a basic-level concept would be "chair", with its superordinate, "furniture", and its subordinate, "easy chair".

Concepts may be exact, or inexact.
When the mind makes a generalization such as the concept of tree, it extracts similarities from numerous examples; the simplification enables higher-level thinking.
A concept is instantiated (reified) by all of its actual or potential instances, whether these are things in the real world or other ideas.
Concepts are studied as components of human cognition in the cognitive science disciplines of linguistics, psychology and, philosophy, where an ongoing debate asks whether all cognition must occur through concepts. Concepts are used as formal tools or models in mathematics, computer science, databases and artificial intelligence where they are sometimes called classes, schema or categories. In informal use the word concept often just means any idea.

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  1. S

    Create a physics problem for me!

    Hello! Using concepts of physics 1 like kinamatics, dynamics, circular motion, pressure, newton's laws. Make me a physics question that needs basic calculus like integrals and derivaties to solve!
  2. immortalsameer13

    What is the Best Thermodynamics Book for Bachelor's Study?

    but at the same time give true essence of fundamental quantities i.e. what truely is heat? I have read couple of books where each book gives definition of quantities but not its essence.
  3. G

    Is it a good idea to connect concepts through dependency relations?

    When I learn a concept, I often find that to understand it, I have to learn some other concepts and I don't know if they also require learning new concepts. During this procedure, I find learning frustrating, as the teacher always presume that I should have learned them. So I think I can build...
  4. rudransh verma

    B What is the need for the concepts of Work and Energy (KE)?

    What is the need to introduce the concept of work and energy when the motion can be completely understood by the concept of force and acceleration and momentum and velocity and displacement, etc? Why do we need to understand the same thing once again in terms of Work and energy? Also the kinetic...
  5. lotsofquestions

    B What is the relationship between inflation and the expansion of our universe?

    I'm going to give my best attempt to word my thoughts the best I can. As a subject I don't personally know a lot about but am heavily curious about with lots of questions, what would be keeping our known universe from colliding/merging with an unknown universe(s) following the inflation theory...
  6. Kaguro

    What is the weird field in dielectrics?

    We have a material of dielectric constant (or relative permittivity) k=##\epsilon_r##. I place it in an external uniform electric field pointing down ##E_0(-\hat z)##. Induced charges and net field There will be charges induced on the near and far surfaces normal to the field (top one...
  7. Frabjous

    Movies that feature physics concepts

    I was reading Shape and Flow: The Fluid Dynamics of Drag by Shapiro and wanted to see the movies described by the book. There is a whole series of fluid dynamics movies at http://web.mit.edu/hml/ncfmf.html Of course, they pale in comparison to my favorite educational movie which is about...
  8. greg_rack

    Euclidean geometry: main theorems, formulas and concepts

    Hi guys, Hopefully, no geometry-enthusiasts are going to read these next few lines, but if that's the case, be lenient :) I have always hated high-school geometry, those basic boring theorems about triangles, polygons, circles, and so on, and I have always "skipped" such classes, studying...
  9. L

    MHB Connecting linear algebra concepts to groups

    The options are rank(B)+null(B)=n tr(ABA^{−1})=tr(B) det(AB)=det(A)det(B) I'm thinking that since it's invertible, I would focus on the determinant =/= 0. I believe the first option is out, because null (B) would be 0 which won't be helpful. The second option makes the point that AA^{−1} is I...
  10. K

    I Understanding the concepts of isometric basis and musical isomorphism

    Im very new to the terminologies of isometric basis and musical isomorphism, will appreciate a lot if someone could explain this for me in a simple way for a guy with limited experience in this field. The concrete problem I want to figure out is this: Given: Let ##v_1 = (1,0,0) , v_2 = (1,1,0)...
  11. P

    Difference in these two concepts of Magnetic Torque

    I am confused with the concept of Torque handled differently in books, Concept1: If a loop is placed in a magnetic field and the current flowing in the loop is ##I## there will be force and torque acting on the loop given by ##F = I \vec l \times \vec B ##. The torque is given by ##\tau =\vec...
  12. Frigus

    Explanation about the concepts of co-dominanace and incomplete dominance

    We were told that incomplete dominance occurs when in heterozygous condition one of the allele is less efficient and another is normal/wild type/unmodified. Co-dominanace occurs when in heterozygous condition both the alleles produce normal functioning enzyme but both the alleles produces...
  13. S

    Thoughts on neural networks "discovering" physical concepts

    (sorry i post this here now because i didn't know about this sub forum earlier) I came across an interesting paper from which I'll quote parts of the intro: and the conclusion: obviously the authors are more competent in Physics than I am - so are most PF member. what are your opinions on...
  14. S

    Thoughts on neural networks "discovering" physical concepts

    I came across an interesting paper from which I'll quote parts of the intro: and the conclusion: obviously the authors are more competent in Physics than I am - so are most PF member. what are your opinions on this? can the work of these authors "discover" physical laws in any way or is the...
  15. Jonathan F

    Engineering Review of Concepts: Air Recycling Systems (closed-loop/open-loop)

    Hey, first post here. So I have to classify these 6 elements under closed-loop/open-loop system and under CO2 removal/oxygen supply. I thought it should be: Closed-loop CO2 removal: Rapid cycling anime, Lithium granules Closed-loop oxygen supply: Water electrolysis, Cryogenic tanks Open-loop CO2...
  16. T

    B Looking for examples of unexpected applications of math concepts

    Sometimes I run into this claim But what are some examples? Is it perhaps the discovery of binary numbers and then their much later application to computers? Or what about this?
  17. A

    A Solving Jackson's 3rd Ed. Equations Involving A, L and g

    In Jackson, (3rd edition p. 545), there are equations they are given as, $$A = e^L $$ $$det A = det(e^L) = e^{Tr L}$$ $$g\widetilde{A}g = A^{-1} $$ $$ A = e^L , g\widetilde{A}g = e^{{g\widetilde{L}g}} , A^{-1} = e^{-L}$$ $$ g\widetilde{L}g = -L $$ I have several doubts. 1) $$det(e^L) =...
  18. F

    Why do I forget math concepts so easily?

    I'm kind of a late boomer when it comes to math, or maybe liking math... Anyways in junior high(I live in Canada), I found math easy and boring and I ace the class without ever listening in class or doing any homework and I continued that habit in my first year of high school which ended...
  19. S

    A The concepts of "quasimanual" and "manual" in logic

    The paper https://www.whitman.edu/Documents/Academics/Mathematics/klipfel.pdf (beginning page 2``1) describes a model for experiments based (it says) on the book An Introduction To Hilbert Space and Quantum Logic https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1461388430/?tag=pfamazon01-20. This approach...
  20. Vividly

    Intro Physics Physics books that focus on Concepts mostly rather than equations

    Im looking for a book that gives descriptions and explanations of physics concepts instead of a equational representations. Or A book that focuses mostly on concepts with minimal equations. I have come across Richard F. Lectures that are red textbooks and I am looking for other alternatives...
  21. B

    What Fictional Alien Concepts interest You the Most?

    For me it is their behavior. How it is different from humanity. Some will seek to answer the why, but I am only interested in their ongoing goals. To a large degree that fits their behavior, since in my work, each fictional race I tailor made for a specific purpose which drives them to do what...
  22. K

    I Succeed in Learning Relativity: Transport, Frames, Tensors

    How much essential is it to learn concepts such as - different types of transport of vectors, like Fermi Walker and Parallel transport; - different frames (basis vectors); - tensor densities and integrations To put it another way, do they play a important role in the theory? If one for some...
  23. M

    MHB Help explaining unrounding concepts

    We have some people trying to report four places to the right of the decimal with inputs that rounded to 2 and 3 decimal places. Can you please articulate why it is impossible to guarantee four decimal precision? I have been unsuccessful in my attempts and am looking for help from someone with a...
  24. A

    What is Work? Understanding the Concept of Work in Physics and Everyday Life

    Okay, I am confused about work and what it is. I know the formula, W=FDCos(theta), so putting it in math terms doesn't help. I am trying to get a layman's/physical understanding of it. Everything I read says it is equal to energy, so then I think it must be energy right, has same units? But...
  25. R

    Thermodynamics and ideal gas law concepts

    I'm having trouble wrapping my head around some thermodynamics and ideal gas law concepts. I don't have a specific textbook question but Just a concept I'm having trouble with. What I'm struggling with is understanding some of the relations between pressure, volume and temperature...
  26. astroman707

    Studying What's the best way to apply the concepts learned in physics 2?

    I'm finishing up physics 2(intro E&M) at my college, and I'd like to apply the concepts I learned in it over the summer. I was considering working through an electronics book, or building a radio, etc. What kind of projects or books do you recommend to cement some of the topics I learned in a...
  27. Danny Boy

    A Concepts in a quantum synchronization setup

    In a https://jila.colorado.edu/thompson/sites/default/files/pdf/PhysRevLett.113.154101_0.pdf on quantum synchronization, they introduce the setup given in the attached 'Fig1.png'. I would like confirm a few concepts regarding this setup. The setup is described in the following way: The general...
  28. W

    Question regarding Blundell: Concepts in Thermal Physics

    Hi all, I have an issue with understanding the following passage in the aforementioned book. I have uploaded the relevant passage as an image below. Any assistance is greatly appreciated! The paragraph under equation (22.57) says that the total Helmholtz function ##F## is a sum of Helmholtz...
  29. T

    The physical concepts in the double jump of the video games

    Hi friends, I'm just thinking, in some video games, the characters have a double jump mechanical. What's the physics concepts behind this? I mean, it's really possible explain it? I saw a brazilian video about science in games in which the author talks about air resistance. It's a curious...
  30. M

    I General Concepts About Fermi-Dirac Distribution

    Hello! Thanks for your time reading my questions. When I was studying quantum statistical mechanics, I get so confused about the relations between Pauli's exclusion principle and the Fermi-Dirac distributions. 1. The Pauli's exclusion principle says that: Two fermions can't occupy the same...
  31. S

    Understanding Force Components in a Hanging Box System

    Homework Statement A box of mass X kg hangs motionless from two ropes, as shown in the diagram. The angle of rope 1 is specified amount of degrees. Choose the box as the system. The x-axis runs to the right, the y-axis runs up, and the z-axis is out of the page. What is the magnitude of |F2|...
  32. starstruck_

    Studying Over-complicating physics concepts

    I’m not sure what’s up but I find myself over complicating concepts that are new and ones that I was really good with and have been practicing for the last like 3 years. I find myself trying to connect things to previous concepts but it isn’t working out. I’m in second year but I’ve found...
  33. S

    Physics concepts behind pneumatic tube systems?

    I have a project for my physics class that revolves around the idea of building a working pneumatic tube system. I understand how I would build it and such but my teacher wants me to explain the theory behind it. Does anyone have any ideas about the physics behind this or the principles, rules...
  34. Suyash Singh

    Studying Master Physics Concepts with Abundant Examples | Find the Best Site for Learning

    What is the best site to learn physics concepts with lots of examples? some site which doesn't show up on google. Like i give example of cplusplus.com which has all topics of c++ programs. Is there some physics site like that? Like i am always confused with pulley,strings, tension problems.
  35. starstruck_

    "Forgetting" physics concepts?

    Has anyone ever uh forgotten physics concepts? I'm kinda panicking right now because last term during the mechanics part of my 1st year physics course, there were concepts I KNOW I understood - like circular orbits of satellites or angular motion but yesterday I was trying to explain orbital...
  36. Arman777

    Insights Intro to Big Bang and Infinity Concepts - Comments

    Greg Bernhardt submitted a new PF Insights post Intro to Big Bang and Infinity Concepts Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  37. SameerTahir

    I Concepts to understand Quantum Tunneling

    What concepts should be cleared to better understand quantum tunneling?.
  38. Jonnybdead

    Math concepts with in depth origin and conception

    I was just wondering if there are any resources on mathematics and physics that explain the origins of the concepts. I am not currently in college right now but I absolutely love physics and quantum mechanics. I am trying to understand the nature of reality because it is so fascinating. I'm...
  39. pairofstrings

    Operating system concepts in an app by Linux System calls

    Before I begin learning what System Calls, Kernel, and Operating System is, I want to confirm that Operating System concepts like Multi-threading, Concurrency, Parallelism, Scheduling, Memory Management, Process Management, Network Management, Device Drivers can be implemented by using Linux...
  40. M

    Suggestions for videos teaching engineering concepts

    I hope to one day help engineering students by having a wealth of videos that cover the "weed-out" courses (in the first two years of engineering curriculum). Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can make these videos be the best that they can be? I plan to do narrated powerpoints, but I...
  41. PainterGuy

    Three phase AC concepts and problems

    Hi Problem: Three loads are connected in parallel across a 12.47 kV three-phase supply. Load 1: Inductive load, 60 kW and 660 kvar. Load 2: Capacitive load, 240 kW at 0.8 power factor. Load 3: Resistive load of 60 kW. (a) Find the total complex power, power factor, and the supply current. (b) A...
  42. W

    I Queries on some QM concepts

    Hi all, I'd like some assistance regarding some issues I have understanding such states. (Referencing Griffiths' QM) 1) Meaning of Bound and Scattering States. The bound states I have studied thus far are limited to the infinite square well and the quantum harmonic oscillator. In the case of a...
  43. W

    Illustrations on physics concepts

    I'm planning to make free Illustrations on physics concepts(as many as possible) for instructors' use. I m not sure if i design it for printing or presentations. Feel free to make any kind of suggestions. https://www.physicsforums.com/attachments/211203
  44. Buzz Bloom

    I Distinctions among the concepts: mass, matter, energy

    I started this thread because I was much confused by the post https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/first-energy-or-mass.923809/page-2#post-5831139 in a thread which was closed before I could seek clarification there. I am hopeful that @PeterDonis, and/or others, will help me here. Peter...
  45. M

    Confused by basic hydropower concepts

    Hi everybody, Consider the situation illustrated in the attached figure . A large water tank at elevation z1 is connected to a penstock with diameter D and outlet at elevation z2. The flow in the penstock is Q. The outlet of the pipe is connected to a valve and nozzle that direct a jet of water...
  46. Mzzed

    Understanding Capacitor Voltage in Relation to Ground

    If a capacitor is charged to 10V where the negative side is connected to ground (0V), when the capacitor is disconnected from the power supply on both the positive and negative sides; 1) Will the negative side of the capacitor still be 0V relative to the ground it was just connected to? 2) Say...
  47. donaldparida

    Doubts regarding basic chemistry concepts

    Doubts regarding the law of reciprocal proportions: What i have understood by reading the definition is that the ratio of the masses in which two elements A and B combine with a fixed mass of a third element C, will be a whole number multiple of the ratio of the masses in which A and B combine...