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Concepts & Misconceptions in Physics - Rahul Tuli

  1. Dec 28, 2006 #1
    hi all

    Is this a good book.Iam keen to know about some of its FEATURES.Moreover will it help in some last moment brushing of essential concepts and help me in clearing out my conceptual doubts(Iam preparing (self study)for AIEEE & BITSAT 2007).I need some guidance urgently.
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    Doc Al

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    I've never heard of this one. Do you have a link? I don't see it on amazon. The title intrigues me, since I'm a cranky old pedagogue at heart and I "collect" misconceptions in elementary physics.
  4. Dec 29, 2006 #3
    Well I dont have a link ..its an Indian book..am frm ind and have jus heard abt it
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