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Condensed Matter Physicists

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    Hi y'all, I have always heard of the word "condensed matter physcists" here and there. Unitil recently, however, I realized that I have no idea what it means! What do condensed matter physicists do? What kind of things do they study? How is condensed matter physics different from QM or GR?
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    They do all of what used to be called "solid state physics"--the study of solids, superconductivity, semiconductors, magnetic materials, etc.--plus areas like fluids, superfluids, Bose-Einstein condensates and nanotechnology. Others who work in this area can add to the list but you probably get the idea.

    A separate "new" category is soft matter physics, which is the study of polymers, membranes (biological, not the 'branes of cosmology), proteins, gels and so on.
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