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Conflict between smart and hard working

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    Can some one get smart in physics by hard working? What do you think?
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    From my point of view, physics explains real life problem through some models. To understand and grab these models, you need alot of hard work. I have rarely seen someone grabbing everything right from the start. Therefore, even the smartest people around have to work hard to get the theories in the head.

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    I think the word you're looking for is experienced.
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    Define smart then define hard working.

    One can certainly become well educated through intense studying in school. Although their IQ won't necessarily improve.

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    why is there a conflict?
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    Your question is basically, is there such thing as aptitude for physics? I would say yes, there is. You don't alter your aptitude by working harder, you are just getting closer to your possible potential.

    Of course by working hard you will still be seen as a genius by a large majority of the population so in a way you can say that yes, you can get "smart in physics" by working hard.
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    First work very hard, and then you will know.
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