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Confused with what to do with my career

  1. Dec 27, 2012 #1
    Confused with what to do with my career-CCNA or Engineering?

    I am very new in this forum.I am leading a miserable life because of past faults.I dont want to get into much details-
    I am a 36 yo old man from Calcutta,India.I am a plain Bsc(General) graduate.I had no honors/specialization & my subjects were Physics,Chemistry & Maths.Unfortunately I did that BSc from University of Calcutta which used to award a 2 yr degree for pass course students at that time!Now i cudnt do Masters after that.I am still unmarried & I am very frustrated as I dont have any girlfriends & I am desperately seeking one as I cant get married as I am now jobless.I am very choosy with jobs & earlier I used to work as a Medical Representative in a pharma co.I left the job as I cudnt meet sales targets.I have total 4 yrs experience but basically it equals to zero as I didnt learn anything from the job .I got the job just because I had some references.Unlike in other parts of the world here in India no one wants to give u job after u have reached a certain age.It is very difficult to get a job after 32 and govt service jobs usually closes after 32 except under special circumstances like if u belong to minority community ( which i dont ) or u r Physically handicapped etc etc. I do not fall under any special case.
    My worries are two-pronged -1)I have no companion & leading a secluded ostracized life with my parents is very painful (at least to me) when u r seeing young or old,married or unmarried couples roaming about enjoying life.
    2)I cant get a suitable job except sales which i dont want to go back as i feel i dont have the capability.
    Now i am thinking of doing either engineering or learn some short term courses like IT networking .I was told by one career counselor in a renowned IT training institute to do CCNA but I am thinking of doing engineering,as I can get to meet lots of girls as well do engineering.
    What should i choose?
    Also I love mechanics & dreamt of making bridges or working in a car manufacturing workshop.I scored above 90% in mechanics in my 10th class with only 1 month prep.
    What should be my priority?
    Can i get a job in engineering at this age?Or should i do CCNA ,get a job and get married?
    Which will be a better life?
    I dont how will I be taken by students who are mostly young boys and girls of 18-20 yrs old.
    Also I dont know whether I should do engineering or ccna?
    What should be my priority -making friends & parallely progressing on a career path ?Can I make friends?Can I get a job in Engineering?
    Which is a better path- doing Civil/Mechanical/Electrical Engineering or dong Cisco Certifications?
    p.s.: Plz forgive me for talking about girls .Please dont misunderstand me as I cant even write properly as I feel I have become a beggar.I lost too many chances & did too many mistakes. I miss too much ,most of the five basic needs as stated by Maslow- mostly love and affection & money,a job to feed me -are missing in my life.I now depend on my old parents whom I blame much for my miseries now.I wanted to engineering when I was younger but they didnt spend the money then. I am having suicidal thoughts but Actually I am not a very good student & I dont know how to make my life better?
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    Hello,expecting some reply.
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    Vanadium 50

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    If you are having suicidal thoughts, you should seek professional counseling, not an internet forum.
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