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Confusion between Comp. Eng. and Comp. Science

  1. May 28, 2013 #1
    I am recently going to undergo my second year in Computer Engineering and my dream job is to work in cyber security. I always thought that I could work in Cyber security with a major in Computer engineering but I have been told that it is Computer Science not engineering, but I heard this from someone that his friend works in that. I wanted to know what major is the appropiate one to work with Cyber security. Please I need help as soon as possible so I could change if I need to.
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    I would think both disciplines would be needed - in the strictest sense, someone to formulate an algorithm and someone to design the hardware that can perform the algorithm. It depends on which side of Cyber security you want to be in.
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    At my school I took the first network security class they offered and it was taught by a computer engineering professor (who also taught low level computer networking classes) but was open to either CE or CS majors. I don't really think either major will hurt, just take classes on specific to security and also networking and operating systems.
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    I have a few free electives I which I thought that I could spend them on algorithm and other cyber security classes. Thanks guys
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