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Confusion regarding Solar Eclipse

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    If solar eclipse occurs at 12h 12m 12s actually. Then at what time one will see it on earth. Will the speed of light affect the time if moon starts covering sun at 12 h 12 m 12s when one will see covering on earth? at what time? I just want to know I am just curious do you think the time taken by sunlight 9 minutes will affect or time taken by moon 1.33 seconds wil affect or none of them, means we will see the covering at same time.
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    The time given for a solar eclipse is the time at which we observe it on the Earth. Let's suppose the time you gave (12h 12m 12s) is the time of "first contact", where the moon just begins to block the sun. If you wanted to know the location of the moon and the sun in a frame centered on the Earth at that instant, you would indeed need to take into account the finite speed of light. But this would not affect what you see on the Earth.
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