B How common for almost same solar eclipse 17 months later?

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Note that 17 months is near a whole number of days. That sends the same lunar phase right back to the same time zone on Earth. Note that 17 months is nearly 1 & 3/8 years.

This eclipse cycle has 3 eclipse seasons. We can write the Saros-Inex notation;
Saros = 358*E - 61*M = 37 S
Inex = 38*M - 223*E = -23 I

This eclipse cycle is written 37 S -23 I. It won't repeat. The cycle contains a Pentalunex. There are about 34 Pentalunex every 123 years, and 3 ways 17 months can contain it.


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I see that South America (Chile/Argentina) will be getting a total solar eclipse this winter (i.e., winter there) and then another one only 17 months later that seems to be along the same type of path, albeit a little bit south. This can't be very common.

Found the graphic I stored so long ago ... It might enlighten you :smile:


Do you see the patterns ?



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