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Homework Help: Conservation Laws - conceptual help

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    Here's the question:

    "An astronnaut working with many tools some distance away from a spacecraft is stranded when the "manueving unit" malfunctions. How can the astronaut return to the spacecraft by sacrificing some of the tools?"

    I don't quite understand what they're getting at here. The best I could relate this to was the conservation law...:frown:
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    Think about shooting a rifle, what happens to your shoulder. Now how can you relate that to newtons 3rd law. If you need more help, ask, I am just trying to make you think :)
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    I see, so it's referencing an issue relating to force rather than a law. So, the astronaut would need to throw the tools which in turn the tool being thrown offers a force back on the astronaut causing him to move towards the craft...
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