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Homework Help: Conservation of Mechanical Energy in truck

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    a runaway truck with failed brakes is moving downgrade at 150km/h (41.6 m/s) just before the driver steers the truck travel up a frictionless emergency escape ramp with an inclination of 15°. The truck's mass is 5000 kg.

    What minimum length L must the ramp have if the truck is to stop (momentarily) along it? (Assume the truck is a particle).

    i have its potenail enegry when it is at the top of the raqmp to be mgh or 49000sin15? I'm do not know if this is right. thekentic enery would be 1/2mv^2 or 4326400 at the bottom of the ramp. I am not sure where to go now. please help
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    The potential energy at the top would be just mgh, or 49000h. You know the kinetic energy at the bottom. Now apply the title of your post to this data to find h. :smile:
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    ok i will try it
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    ok thanks i got it
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