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Homework Help: Conservative system <-> time independent potential?

  1. Mar 21, 2015 #1
    Is it possible that the potential energy depends on the time and the system is conservative?

    Let me elaborate. Consider a function ##U(\vec{r},t)## and consider the case where the forces in space at any moment are given by ##\vec{F}=-\nabla{U}##. So in this case, according to the definition of conservative, the force field is conservative.

    However the energy is time dependent ( since the Lagrangian would be time dependent the energy is not conserved ).

    QUESTION: Often I have seen conservative and time-independent potential energy used interchangably. As you see, it seems to be not the case. So what's the real connection between conservative and time independent?
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    A mass attached to a spring that is allowed to oscillate up and down (in the absence of air resistance) seems to fit your parameters.
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    What? I'm not sure I follow. The potential energy in that case is only a function of the position, not time explicitly.
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    Yes I understand that energy is not conserved, but what about the definitions of a conservative force as :

    "A force is conservative if there exists a function of which the force is a gradient" : See : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conservative_force
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    Oh...so all you are worried about is nomenclature. Call it what you want, I call a conservative force a force that results in conservation of energy and one necessary condition is that it can be written a the gradient of a time-independent scalar function.
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