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Considering writing essay about laser fusion?

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    I am a physics undergrad and this term I have to write a 3000 word essay on one of about 10 possible topics. One topic which caught my eye was laser fusion. Whichever topic I choose, I will need to find information from a variety of proper sources (not just trawling google). This is what I am slightly concerned about - am I going to have difficulty finding sources of info for this topic?
    I ask this because, correct me if i'm wrong, it is a relatively new science, and since no one has managed to make it commercially viable yet, it perhaps isn't as well understood as other areas?
    So, do you think it would be a wise choice for my essay?
    if so, do you have any reccomendations of relevant books or papers I might have a look at?
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    The most recent Scientific American has an article about fusion power.
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