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Construct matrix from vectors in Mathematica

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    I have defined vectors which are to be column vectors of some matrix. How to tell Mathematica to construct such matrix whose column vectors are already defined vectors?
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    Mathematica doesn't usually distinguish row from column vectors and will use a vector as needed.

    So if you have

    In[1]:= v1={a,b};v2={c,d};

    Then this will give you what you want

    In[3]:= mat=Transpose[{v1,v2}]
    Out[3]= {{a,c},{b,d}}

    But if you have done something like this, thinking you need that for columns,

    In[4]:= v1={{a},{b}};v2={{c},{d}};

    then this will undo what you have done and give you what you want

    In[6]:= mat=Transpose[{Flatten[v1],Flatten[v2]}]
    Out[6]= {{a,c},{b,d}}
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    It works! Thank you very much!
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