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Constructing two parallel planes in R3

  1. Mar 28, 2010 #1
    Hey i need help with this question and i dont know wat to do after finding the normal vector of vectors a and s. And the normal vectors of vector t and b. Can someone help me please?

    the normal of s and a is (2,1,-3). and the normal of t and b is (-2,-1,3). is this right?

    Construct two parallel planes. The first plane contains L1: r=(0,2,1) + s(2,-1,1) and an intersecting line that has a direction vector of a(1,-2,0). The second plane contains
    L2: r=(1,0,1) + t(1,-2,0) and an intersecting line that has a direction vector of b(2,-1,1)
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    could be, hard to say without knowing s,a,t & b...

    note these are antiparallel which will help for the next part

    so for the 2nd part you are given a line and vector dierction in each plane

    so youshould be able to find for each:
    - the normal to the plane
    - a point in each plane

    that should be enough to define the equation of the plane, do you know how?
    if the normals are those found previously, note as they are ant-parallel, they will deifne parallel planes as requred...
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    thnx i was thinking of doing it that way.
    thnx for the help! =)
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