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Continuing Study Physic in Germany

  1. Jul 8, 2014 #1

    I have many questions to ask you.

    Due to financial crisis in my family, I am unable to continue studying in Canada. However, I insist on studying Physic in Germany. Therefore, I want to come back to my homeland, Vietnam, and spend a year to study German. Do you think it necessary?

    Since I graduated from high school in Canada, will it be easier for me to apply for a University in German? (Because I searched the website of University of Leipzig, and many required courses I have already taken in high school)

    Because my friend's German visa has been declined as she wanted to travel to German to attend her sister's wedding. So, is it easier to get a visa if you travel to Germany to study?

    Do you think my discontinuity due to financial crisis be a bad impression in a visa interview?

    I am sorry for many questions which may seem so irrelevant to ask you. However, I assume that you may have interacted with many international students and thus you may have some knowledge about this.

    Thank you for taking your time
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    Can you move to Germany to learn the language by immersion? It's more efficient than standard classroom learning.

    Also, it's my understanding that many classes at German universities teach in English - can any PFers confirm this?
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    I cannot say if this is true in general (and I expect it is not), but here in Cologne (and in Bonn, as well) the language of instruction at the graduate level (for physics) is English. Furthermore, the graduate school pays for its international students to take German language courses if they so desire.
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