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Contradiction between personal dream and the social resposibility.

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    Dear my friends,

    Everything become so blurred to me, I dont know what I should do for life.

    I used to be very ambitious and want to be a good physicist, because the beauty of Nature has been fascinating me for a long time, since the first day I read Einstein Relativiy.

    But, as I grow up, I realise more and more.

    Everyday, thousands of people are suffering from poverty, famine, war, deaths, and so on.
    Can I still be so ambitious and say that: "I want to be a good physicist because I want to study "Nature's beauty"?"

    Wrong, I find it is wrong, when people are suffering, I am sitting in office, and "do research???" My dream turns out to be so luxury, and I feel guilty.

    Sometimes I told myself that, "hey, you can make use of your physics knowledge and help the other!"
    Can I?

    I study physics is because I like it, the reason is very simple. I just want to understand everything around me, that is all.
    If I make use of my knowledge to do something "practical" in helping people, I find that, this is not what I personally dream of!
    I would say, I find that, doing "fundamental" research for understanding Nature is too extravagant, especially when we realise that everyday, thousands of people die in famine.

    The problem is:
    My personal dream is to do "fundamental" research so that we/I can understand further about Nature.
    But, this dream turns out to be so extravagent, as it does not help to those unfortunate people at all!

    Finally, I would like to ask all of you, what is LIFE?
    If we must die, I mean all the mankinds and even the universe, why we live and why we study further?
    Shall we hence stop to do "irrelevant things", and try to make the people around us as happy as they deserve?
    Shall we stop our "impratical dream", and try to make the world more beautiful and ideal, rather than always try to achieve our personal dreams?

    Please guide me,
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    If everyone spent all their time trying to feed the poor, we would still live in the middle ages. There would be no medicine, automobiles, and mass communication. Also, if there were no scientists, we wouldnt be able to help poor people in third world countries, because it would take years to get one shipment of supplies and food there. We need scientists as much as we need those who actually help to poor hands on. If it wasnt for the scientists, not only would some people be living in exponentially worse conditions, We all would be. And even if you want to do purely theoretical research, someone will make use of it for something practical. Also, you can't just disregard your dream because you feel guilty about not helping the poor of the world. This is ridiculous. As you can see if all scientists and engineers did this, the world would be a much worse place for everyone. Good Luck to you.
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    The only way to end poverty, war, famine... is to put an end to multi-national greed.

    I'm putting all my hope in evolution undergoing a catastrophe (mathematically speaking :tongue: ), see where life settles after that.

    In the mean-time do things to help the planet/society we live in - just being nice and treating everyone with respect will help.

    Enjoy the life you have but not to the degradation of others.


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    Thats not your fault neither your responsibility.

    Yes you can and you should.

    Wrong? Why? Can you give any reason?
    Don't engage in self-sacrifice. If you do, you'll end up killing your own happiness and your values and you will regret it enormously.

    You probably can but if you go into physics solely because you want to help others, then I don't think you'll succeed in it. You succeed in science or any other profession for that matter if you love it and do it because it makes you happy.

    I'm sure others will disagree but for me life is a beautiful adventure with my own happiness as the purpose of my life.
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    Poverty and disease is a problem of the many, caused by the few, to be solved only by the whole. It doesn't serve society well to abandon your dreams in pursuit of a problem you can't fix. Until religion and hardcore politics are a thing of the past, you will contribute more to the greater good by following your dreams and accomplishing them to the best of your abilities.
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