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Contribution to physics- who should be included?

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    Hi all I have to do a quick 5 minute speech just about the evolution of physics...

    My general idea is just to go back say from Archimedes~ to currently who has been the main contributors to physics?

    Obviously it's only a 5 minute speech so not everyone can get a mention but I would like to name the physicist and give a brief description of what they have achieved.

    So far...

    Kepler~ planetary laws of motion
    Faraday~Faraday's Laws of Induction and Electrolysis
    Planck~Law of radiation
    Einstein~Special and General relativity
    Feynman&Dirac~quantum phys
    Hawking~black hole radiation.

    Is there anyone I have missed or even I can take of the list as I really don't have enough time to cover all these physicist's work.

    The one's I am thinking of taking of please tell me if I shouldn't...
    Archimedes, Planck, Faraday or Maxwell or is it possible to combine them?Hawking?

    Please some feedback!!!

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    I would mention Aristotle and Galileo. They are often used to describe the evolution of physics (and science in general) and for a good reason.
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    Yes you should add Galileo, and you can leave out Hawking. I would not know one that we are sure to be famous two centuries from now.
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    Good point!

    Definitely Galileo, completely forgot about him. Thanks...

    anyone else I could take out??
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    The history of physics.

    Newton: Even though you can tell if you are speeding up, you can't tell how fast you are going.
    Maxwell: Yes you can.
    Einstein: No you can't. You can't even tell if you are speeding up.
    Heisenberg: Either you don't know where you are or you don't know where you're going.

    Physics in a nutshell: The more you know about physics, the less you know about the world you live in.
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    This is a gem!

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    Hahaha this pretty much sums it up!!
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