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Control of matter on an atomic and molecular scale

  1. Jun 17, 2009 #1
    Nanotechnology, is a study of the control of matter on an atomic and molecular scale right?
    I'm currently studying taking this course in my college and I'm wondering if Nanotechnology plays a part in researching cancer cells. Does Nanotechnology helps in treatment of cancer cells?

    If possible, are there any free online books that contain information of Nanotech so that I could learn from them?

    I'm sorry if there are other threads regarding this. I'm new to this forum.

    A big hi guys, I'm Ken from Singapore.
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    Re: Nanotechnology

    From what i know Nanotechnology plays no part in curing cancer (at the moment) as radiation is mainly used to cure cancer and this has nothing to do with nanotechnology.

    P.S: I think this post would be better in a more advanced section, maybe the biology section but im not sure.
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    Re: Nanotechnology

    At the moment I don't think it's being used yet, but they are definately researching the possibility. Think about 'nanobots' that are injected into your bloodstream and find cancer cells to destroy them.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Re: Nanotechnology

    This is science fiction.
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    Re: Nanotechnology

    As I said, this is not happening yet. Space travel was also science fiction a long time ago.
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    Re: Nanotechnology

    Nicks right. Stuff of science fiction is persued by physicists more than anything else, so this is in no way a negative to Nicks answer.
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    Re: Nanotechnology

    Chemistry will always have simpler solutions for cancer. the problem is not that nanotehnology is not evolved enough ( it really isn't), it's the fact that most of the molecular mechanism of reaction and interaction in cells are mostly unknown.

    Proteins can be considered nanobots, quite functional ones.
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    Re: Nanotechnology

    There is a technique (still in the developemental stages) that would use gold nanospheres injected into the body. These little balls would be of a carefully controlled diameter, and would attach themselves to cancer cells. The body would then be bombarded with IR radiation at a wavelength equall to the size of the nanospheres.

    Result; the spheres heat up, but nothing else in the body does. Cells in direct contact with the nanospheres (which should only be cancer cells) get cooked, and other cells receive no damage.

    I read it in SciAm awhile back. http://www.dddmag.com/news-nanospheres-cancer-cells-032409.aspx" [Broken] to articles from several publications.
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