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Conversion of healpix fits file to normal fits file

  1. Dec 15, 2008 #1
    im working with idl and we are trying to convert a cmb map in healpix fits file format to a normal fits file format. any help!
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    Can you do this with write_fits_map or write_fits_sb? If not, can you just read in the image with the healpix fits reader, then use writefits to write the image into a standard fits file? syntax is

    writefits, 'MyCMBMap.fits', data, header

    for standard writefits.
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    thanks for the help. tried all the suggestions but they don't seem to work. WRITE_FITS_MAP still outputs a file in healpix convention and write_fits_sb doesnt output the type of fits file we want since we can't use atv on it in idl. I dont see why the last option should work either because the file would still be in healpix format
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    Dunno, could try fits_reproj_healpix, should be able to use atv or ds9 with the converted file?

    pro fits_reproj_healpix, infile, outfile,coord=coord,projection=projct,size=size
    ; NAME:
    ; PURPOSE:
    ; Convert a HealPix image to a flatmap projection FITS file with WCS info
    ; Writes a FITS file containing a flatmap projection in either a Mollweide
    ; or Zenithal Equal Area projection, and write the appropriate World
    ; Coordinate System (WCS, see Calabretta & Greisen, 2002, A&A, 395, 1077)
    ; information into the FITS header. This allows coordinates to be
    ; displayed by standard astronomical display software (e.g. DS9, SAOImage).
    ; Note that the conversion to a flat map projection does not preserve the
    ; noise properties of the CMB, and should not be used for a CMB analysis.
    ; PROJECT=['M','Z'],SIZE=[1-5],$
    ; INFILE - Scalar string giving name of the FITS file containing the
    ; image in HealPix projection.
    ; 'map_k_imap_yr1_v1.fits'
    ; OUTFILE - Scalar string giving the name of the FITS file containing
    ; the flat map projection with astrometry.
    ; User will be prompted for the following values if they are not supplied
    ; as keywords:
    ; PROJECT - Scalar string specifying either a "Mollweide" or a "Zenithal"
    ; Equal Area projection. Only the first letter is needed.
    ; SIZE - Scalar integer giving the size of the output image described by
    ; the table:
    ; 1 -- Small (512 x 256)
    ; 2 -- Medium (1024 x 512)
    ; 3 -- Large (2048 x 1024)
    ; 4 -- X large (4096 x 2048)
    ; 5 -- XX large (8192 x 4096, mollweide, native
    ; coordinates only)
    ; COORD - One of the three words "Galactic" (default), "Celestial", or
    ; "Ecliptic' giving the output projection. Only the first
    ; letter is needed.
    ; EXAMPLE:
    ; Convert the K band all-sky HealPix map to a medium (1024 x 512) size
    ; Mollweide projection stored in a FITS file moll_k_yr1_v1.fits

    ; IDL> infile = 'map_k_imap_yr1_v1.fits'
    ; IDL> fits_reproj_healpix, infile, 'moll_k_yr1_v1.fits',size=2,proj='Mol'
    ; NOTES:
    ; A Mollweide projection is written in a single FITS file extension. A
    ; Zenithal Equal Area projection is written as two image in two extensions
    ; -- the first centered on the North Pole, and the second on the South
    ; Pole.
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