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Convert Cartesian coordinates to spherical shape

  1. Apr 22, 2013 #1
    how can Convert Cartesian coordinates to spherical with shape?
    for clear my question i explain a way to convert my coordinates in different spherical.
    for example i use this diagram to convert Cartesian coordinates to Cylindrical(with image to axises)
    for example:
    now how can i do the same approach for spherical? does we have a simple shape for image the axises?

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    You have made it pretty hard to understand what you mean. I would guess that you're talking about polar coordinates (for ##\mathbb R^2##), not cylindrical (for ##\mathbb R^3##), and that what you meant by ##\hat{ay}## is a unit vector in the direction of increasing y coordinate. You probably wanted to write ##\hat{a}_y##.

    I would recommend that you start by checking out Wikipedia's article on these coordinate systems:

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