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Convert .DXF files to .NC1 files?

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    I have a laser cutter at work I'm trying to program. It's from the 80's and reads old school g-code, specifically .nc1 files. I use it to cut x-ray film screens.

    Right now we have an ancient laptop with an old converter on it that converts to .nc1. No one here knows where this converter program came from (no installation/setup file), and I can't find anything online about the company who made it. I'm new here, and they just tell "it's how they've always done it". Any of you have any knowledge on .dxf converters, specifically converting to .nc1?
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    It looks like DXF files can be ASCII: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AutoCAD_DXF

    Do you know if NC1 files are ASCII or binary? If ASCII, it may be possible for you to write up a converter yourself if you can't locate a pre-built converter.
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    A google search for
    nc1 cad cam
    might throw up an interesting link or two.

    I would also be looking beyond the NC1 file type on that laser cutter to see if I could find a more common format to widen your choices. After all, what you need is probably a .DXF to g-code converter. Not necessarily a .DXF to .NC1 converter.

    Have a look in the manual to see if it accepts other file extensions or types (I am guessing .TXT should work).
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