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Converting EMU to Bohr Magnetons

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    Hi, I am currently working with a SQUID magnetometer and I am having trouble comparing my experimental results to theoretical. What I would like to do is convert the output of the SQUID which is in EMU to the number of Bohr Magnetons/ion.

    My understanding is that EMU is the sum of all magnetic moments in the sample. My calculation so far has been

    (SQUID output)x(Molar mass of magnetic atom) / NAμB(sample mass)

    I always end up with a Bohr magneton/ion less than 1, about 0.2-0.6. I think there is something I am missing or not understanding correctly.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Depending on the sample, that is not necessarily a wrong result.

    Unless the sample is mono-atomic, you should multiply by the molar mass of the molecule/unit cell/formula unit.

    Remember that your are measuring the net effective magnetic moment per formula unit.
    There are many effects that can reduce the net magnetizaation: Temperature, quenching of orbital momentum in a crystal, antiferromagnetic coupling, ...
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