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Converting the equation to non standard state

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    Here's my problem: I know this formula http://carlschroedl.com/chem/ib_extended_essay.pdf (pg 18) is an extended form of Faraday's law of electrolysis which is m= (Q/F)(M/z) where m is the mass liberated in grams, Q is the total electric charge passing through, F is Faraday's constant, M is molar mass of the subtance, z is the valency of the ions. The part of the long equation I don't know is the Q part of Faraday's law. I plan to do experiements at various temperatures and pressures, so I need a formula for the Q part of the equation that has pressure and temperature variables. If it helps I plan to use nickel electrodes with 5 cm x 1 cm dimensions at room temperature. Please help. I'm so utterly confused. Can the rewritten equation be an image please? You don't need to explain the indivual parts of that Q part; I understand that; I just don't know how to add a temperature and pressure variable to it.
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