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Cookies expiring early on Firefox 3?

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    My login cookies (for sites like, say, physicsforums.com) seem to last only ~5 minutes instead of the usual long duration (1 year, in the case of PF). This started happening exactly when Firefox updated to version 3. This hasn't been a problem with my other computer which has been running FF3 for some time now.

    Any thoughts? The cookie editor still lists the proper date on the bbpassword cookies, but I'm not even sure the login will last long enough for me to make this post.
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    Tools > Options > Privacy
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    hmmm all sites? My FF3 works fine. Maybe download and reinstall, maybe had a buggy build.
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    Well I thought it was all sites -- but I just saw that overnight mymathforum.com stayed logged in, while physicsforums.com had once again logged me off. Maybe it's just you? :rolleyes:
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    It looks like another member is having similar problems: see the thread in feedback.
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