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Cooking saltpeter+sugar rocket fuel?

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    Is there some place with good information on saltpeter+sugar rocket propellant and it's making?

    The problem is, there are a lot of places on the internet telling how to do it right, but next to none on how to do it wrong, and i'm not brave enough to follow someone's instructions without understanding what's going on.

    What temperature it can ignite at?
    What could go very wrong and how it looks before that?
    Any way to extinguish it should it ignite?
    Is it susceptible to detonation, friction ignition, sudden self-ignition?
    Is there any common substances it will violently react with?
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    You want instructions from us?

    You are going to heat an oxidant with a fuel. Expect some effects.
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    You are going to heat two chemicals that could explode or if ignited will continue to burn until they have exhausted themselves. Unless you want a new address with 17 different zip codes I would highly recommend that you get help from someone who knows exactly what to do. By that I don't mean instructions from the internet, I mean hands on from someone who knows.

    I remember way back in the 70s in Great Falls, Montana two highschool students were cooking up some rocket fuel in the fireplace of one of their homes. The result was 1 dead, 1 severely burned and the home destroyed.
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    Thread locked per the PF rules.
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