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Coordinate plane in mathematica

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    How can I graph single points on the graph in Mathematica? Or draw whole coordinate plane, with *boxes*, like this one: (and then plot)


    Can't find the informations in the tutorial I'm using presently,
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    I found the mathematica documentation on the various Plot functions to have a lot of useful information.

    I think it's possible to plot multiple things on the same graph. So, one thing you could do is to plot each of those horizontal and vertical lines with a blue color and small point radius (or maybe you want a small line thickness?). And then on the same drawing object (or whatever it's called), you then plot the thing you actually want to plot.
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    If you go into the help browser and type in "plot" you will get the info for the plot command. There are probably 30 or so options for plots. I would have to fool around with it because I have not tried it myself. You would definitely have to plot some kind of function, but I think you could adjust the axes limits to exclude the plot.
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