Correct differentiation identity? (tensors, vectors)

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I'm working on some problems and I want to pose the following, though I am not completely sure it is correct. Can somebody point me to some sources on this? I have tried googling myself, but I only found differentiation identities with either just vectors and scalars on the on hand, or dot products between tensors on the other hand.

Note: [itex]\boldsymbol{A}[/itex] denotes a second-order tensor, [itex]\vec{v}[/itex] denotes a vector and [itex]:[/itex] the double dot product.

[tex]\nabla\cdot(\vec{v}\cdot\boldsymbol{A}) = \nabla\vec{v}:\boldsymbol{A} + \vec{v}\cdot\nabla\cdot\boldsymbol{A}[/tex]

So in other words: is the above identity correct?
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