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Corresponding interior and exterior angles

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    SO i have a problem that's "AB ll CD, Find x and y".
    I got the answer of x=48, =144
    Because first the measure they already gave you was 42. As well as y - 12for the other angle measure. And x was the measurement for D. blah it's too hard to explain but i got it correct.

    My point is that in the next question i had no clue what to do. It was totally different but under the same category.

    "In the figure, m<NML=120, PQ ll TU and KL ll NM. Find the measure of angle PRK."

    How do i solve this?

    Here's a visual

    http://img513.imageshack.us/img513/4110/126ip.jpg" [Broken]

    My answer was 100. Am i correct?
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    In a word, no. Sorry!

    Since KL and NM are parallel, we know that angle NML and angle KLT are equal.

    Since PQ and TU are parallel, we know that angle KLT and angle KRP (which you called, more or less equivalently, PRK) are equal.

    Thus angle PRK is 120 degrees also.

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    lol should of knew that. thanks
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