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Cosmology books for a beginner

  1. Nov 12, 2007 #1

    I am looking for some of the best books regarding cosmology, parallel universes, time travel, dimensions, quantum mechanics, theoretical physics, etc. for a layman. I am interested in the subject and would love to learn more about it. Any advice of where to get started would be appreciated.

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    John Gribbin "In search of the big bang" is a good maths free intro.
    Simon Singh "The big bang" well written but more about the people than the physics?
    Steven Weinberg "The first three minutes" is a slightly more detailed description by one of the top researchers.
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    Read "An Elegant Universe" by Brian Green. It covers topics like parallel universes, extra dimensions, sparticles, superstrings and a new discipline called String Theory.
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    I suggest you take a look at my website, in particular the book reviews, where I look at lots of books of this type.
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    Shrodingers kittens and Shrodingers cat by John Gribbin --> quantumn theory

    and Universe by Freedman and Kaufmann --> cosmology, some astrophysics. Not highly mathematical and well written.
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