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Could a moving object become a black hole?

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    it's my first time here. frankly, i have to say that I have limit knowledge of general relativity. as to special relativity, just walk a step after opening the door of relativity theory. meantime, I always take part in some discussions in another forums which is hold with different language in my country. we had lots of fun and get some progress too. I hope it is a good chance for me to communicate with u guys with different education background. and thx to u all....

    back to the topic:

    we all know that the mass of an object increases when it moves faster. according to the general relativity, a black hole could be formed if the mass of an object approaches beyond a certain mass point. here is my question, could a moving object become a black hole, when the speed is large enough?:confused:
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    Chris Hillman

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    Fast rockets

    Hi, erocket, welcome to PF!

    Kinetic energy, actually, just like in Newtonian physics. (Except that KE increase faster with v in relativity, indeed blows up as [itex]v \rightarrow 1[/itex].)

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    thx very much.
    I am reading the articles u proposed to me ...

    I think I come to the right place ...here i can see and learn much things that I like//
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