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Could anyone introduce me to the Bratu problem?

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    Hi all.
    Can someone tell me what a bratu problem is?
    I have just an equation on hand but I have no clue in what this equation is describing and how it is derived. Could anyone here refer me to some texts or websites about the bratu problem?
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    i am a math student and right now i am working on Bratu;s problem if u search Bratu;s problem in google and sciencedirect u can find a lot of articles about that. Bratu type equation is u''(x) + a*e^u(x)=0
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    Bratu’s problem appears in combustion theory of fuel ignition. combustion
    is rapid chemical reaction of two or more substances with a characteristic
    liberation of heat and light. The burning of a fuel (e.g., wood, coal, oil, or
    natural gas) in air is a familiar example of combustion. also bratu’s problem
    has application in the Chandrasekhar model of the expansion of the universe
    and nanotechnology.
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