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Could anyone recommend me a book

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    Hi I'm a first year Physicist at Warwick University and I'm coming up to my end of year exams all of which I am fine with apart from a module called 'Electricity and Magnetism'. Thus I wondered if anyone could recommend me a book which may help me understand the concepts covered in this module, here is a brief outline of the syllabus of the module:

    Gauss' law, Capacitors, DC circuits, Kirchoff's Laws, Biot Savart Law, Ampere's Law, Faradays Law, Lenz's Law and AC Circuits.

    My tutor recommended the Feynmann Lecture series but having looked at these I found that most of the content was a little advanced for what I was expecting in the exam.

    Anyone input would be very much appreciated, thanks, Kamran.
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    You might be fine with any normal undergraduate textbook like University Physics by Young&Freedman, Physics by Halliday Resnick and Krane, Physics for Scientists and Engineers by Serway yadayada.

    If you want something more advanced, Purcell isn't bad.
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    Ok thank you for your input :)
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    Schaum's outline has many problems along with solutions. It's probably want you want to look at first.

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