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B Could Dark Matter be Time itself?

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    As title really, just an idea I had from various videos and articles I've read as an enthusiast of all things physics.

    Some supporting sentences from my somewhat ignorant but perhaps not-entirely-wrong thinking:

    - The velocity of stars around the periphery of galaxies, I've heard of a theory where matter has a halo of dark matter, and perhaps due to the greater mass at the centre of the galaxy this could apply

    - The acceleration of the expanding universe and the reason why expansion is increasing, and not slowing down

    - It does not interact with any of the forces

    - Perhaps it can still account for its theoretical share of energy in the universe because more time = more work?
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    That doesn't even make any sense.
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    Why not? I'm aware that since Einstein that space and time is essentially considered as spacetime, but beforehand time did indeed make some kind of sense to us mortals.
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    Please do not try to learn actual science from pop science videos and articles. We have a policy about acceptable references at PF for a reason.

    If you want to find some good textbooks or peer-reviewed references about dark matter, please start a new thread to ask for them. This thread is closed.
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