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Could someone explain this image to me?

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    Throw us a bone... What part do you understand?
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    Where does that Wiki article fall short? It seems to have it all there. Or you could try this link, possibly. The formula (for a circular orbit) is arrived at by equating the gravitational force at a distance r and the force needed for a circular orbit at that distance.
    For a general Elliptical orbit is is more complicated but Kepler's law might do for you (he based it on observation but didn't have access to Newton's law of gravitation at the time afaik).
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    It doesn't. Maybe "helps" was the wrong way to put it. It filled in the blanks for me. The second one is what I'm having more trouble understanding.
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    Oh, and thank you for the responses. Greatly appreciated.
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    This all depends on your level of Maths, I think. What Maths are you happy with- algebra, calculus?
    How about this link?
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    In the last line, "minutes" and "days" are missing as units, otherwise the equation is wrong.
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