Could You Recommend Some Famous Essays From Scientists/Engineers?

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In summary, the conversation discusses recommendations for further reading on science after reading "Future Science: Essays from the cutting edge." Suggestions include Richard Feynman's lectures, MIT's materials on YouTube and their OCW site, and lectures from Nobel laureates such as Feynman, Dirac, Bethe, and Gell-Mann. These lectures can be found on the Nobel Prize website under the bio/lecture tab for each laureate.
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I just finished reading "Future Science: Essays from the cutting edge" and it has got me very excited about science. I was wondering whether you could recommend some more.

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Richard Feynman's lectures are very popular, entertaining and freely available. There are packaged torrents with lots of videos, audiobooks, pdf notes/essays in them. Lots and lots of stuff to keep you busy.

MIT has lots of excellent material on youtube and on their OCW site. In particular I'd recommend Walter Lewin's physics lectures (8.01 - 8.03), he's a great professor. The Aircraft Systems Engineering (16.885J) course is also worth a watch, it's about the space shuttle's history with ~20 guest speakers each with their own part to play in the shuttle program.
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Well - the lectures of the Nobel laureates might be of interest.

For example - Richard Feynman, 1965 -

Paul A. M. Dirac, 1933 -

Hans Bethe, 1967 -

Murray Gell-Mann, 1969 -

One has to find the particular laureate and find the bio/lecture tab.

Similar for chemistry.

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