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Couple of Questions Regarding Senior Year in ME

  1. Sep 2, 2015 #1

    1. Could anyone tell me if taking these classes and this many classes is an overload for a Senior Year in Mechanical Engineering? (Fall 2015 Semester)

    -Fatigue in Mechanical Design - elective - Manufacturing and Design Concentration - med/hard
    -CAD - elective - Manufacturing and Design Concentration - easy/med
    -Metal Cutting Principles - elective - Manufacturing and Design Concentration - med/hard
    -Linear Systems Theory - required - med/hard
    -Design of Machine Elements - required - med/hard
    -Senior Design Project - required - will get assigned a project next week (obviously a lot of work) - hard

    2. Should I drop a couple and concentrate on Senior Design and get it out of the way, which might force me to extend my graduation by a semester, or get rid of Senior Design and finish up the rest and then take Senior Design next year?

    As far as the class difficulty, I do understand its relative from person to person, but that's what I heard form other people.

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    You should be talking to the guidance group at your school. They will be able to tell you what is required for your degree, and what is a reasonable workload.

    Here we will tell you to treat a university as an all-you-can-learn buffet and cram as much into your brain as you can. We can't really guess how much work each of those classes is. And we don't really know anything about you or your ability to work.
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    assuming 3 credits per class, 18 credits is a lot, especially while you are working on a project at the same time... My advice would be drop a class, only because you want to enjoy your senior year

    that being said still follow DEvens advice
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