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Courses Courses outside of the standard ME curric. that can be beneficial to the degree?

  1. Jan 13, 2010 #1
    A little background on my situation:

    I was a business major for 3 years before I switched to ME. As such, I've completed my school's core curriculum and have some spare time now that I'm in the ME program, being able to take only 8 - 12 hours per semester if I stay within the curriculum.

    So, do you have any suggestions for some courses that fall outside the scope of the degree that can be helpful towards the degree/career? Learning a second language is an obviously good choice, but I'm looking for other suggestions before I enroll in Spanish courses.

    So, how about it?

    Thanks :D
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  3. Jan 13, 2010 #2
    Take only 8-12 hours a semester 'cause it's good to have lots of time to put into the coursework. You may find that more than three ME classes may break you.
    As for other courses, well I don't know what you've taken or what you have to take for your degree.
    A programming course would probably be helpful, as most of my ME friends have had to do programming of one sort or another over their academic career, but my school requires it for MEs. One friend in ME wishes he had taken statistics, 'cause it's helpful in all sorts of odd ways. A basic understanding of circuits is often helpful for projects, but again that's a courses that's required at my school.
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