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Cox wants me to upgrade: Cable Modem

  1. Dec 8, 2005 #1
    I have a Pcx2200 Cable modem by Toshiba.. and according to Cox.. this is just not cutting it anymore.... ???? .... I did not have service for a month.. and now that I come back they come up with this?

    What router do you have and does it work with cox high speed [cable] internet?

    BTW: Anyone have a link to the approved list of cable modems
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    Each cable company would have a list of cpe that they consider approved. You need to check with Cox to see what is on their approved list.
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    Tell me what protocols, authentication methods, DHCP settings.. basically what config they need for you to get on the net via cable... and I'll point you to a router..

    Evo is also right.. But these companies typically have deals with certain maunfactures so you can also not follow there rules and have everything working
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    See the problem is that i dont understand why my cable modem worked with COX cable.. just one month ago.. I canceled cable for a month and now that I'm trying to set it all up again . with COX... I cant connect with my old cable modem. I bet I would not have had this problem if I had stayed with them.. I'm pretty sure they would not all of a sudden demand all their costumers to throw away their OLD PREVIOUSLY working cable modems..
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    They may have changed their network, and your previously working router no longer will work... Who knows.. or it maybe a skam so you part with more money
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    I have here a link of Toshiba products and they have the item that you are having problem with.. You can see in this link the user's manula, data sheet (pdf), USB Driver for Windows XP, Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows 32bit Vista and USB Installation Instructions (RTF).. Here's the link http://www.toshiba.com/taisnpd/support/downloads.html I hope that it will help you.
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    I don't undestand why they are doing this. Are they refusing to let you use your modem or just trying to get you to buy one of their used or new cable modems? Which router you use shouldn't make a difference as long as it supports 100mbps.

    If you want to buy a cable modem, I recommend the Motorola Surboard cable modem. The SB6120 version supports docsis 3.0 (and previous version), as well as 1gbps transfer rate. I'm currently using a SB6120 with Cox Cable. You'll need a router with 1gpbs rate to take advantage of this setup, and to support fast LAN transfers between your home computers.

    Alternatively, for $7 / month per additional external ip address, Cox will allow up to 2 additional external ip addresses, one per computer (or router). You'll need a switcher for this since the cable modem only has one ethernet port. However the LAN feature doesn't work well since you essentially end up with a WAN on your in house network. If you power up your cable modem with the cable disconnected, it will act as a router and setup a LAN.
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    Hey guys, this thread is four and a half years old! :uhh:
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    What you could do is to contact your administrator, or bring it to a technician.. It would be easier to solve the problem with experts checking your unit, rather than just do an experiment or something..
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    The original question was answered four and a half years ago!!! :mad:
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