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Create hourly electrical demand data

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    Is there a way to create/estimate the hourly electricity demand data of a system by just knowing the daily peak load (and at what time this happens)and the total electrical consumption per day?

    A good estimation based on a statistical technique sounds like a good start!

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    Short answer: no. These are integral or point quantities that by definition have thrown away most of the information of the original data set. You can't make information out of nothing, which is what getting hourly data from a single integral point (an average), or hour (peak), is really trying to do. Akin to trying to go faster than light - the universe won't allow it.

    You might be able to "guess" that there is some type of daily cycle but it would really depend on specifics of consumption. You might guess the peak would be in the mid afternoon (at least during the summer in a hotter climate) because of A/C but in a winter climate, that might instead be at a very different time of day. Also depends on if the home/building is occupied at certain hours and by how many.

    The only sure way is to measure it.

    Or look for industry research and statistics and presume them as typical. http://my.epri.com/" are the logical starting points for this but it probably won't be for free. But they both have a handful of free documents that might help.
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