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Creating Table of contents in PDF

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    I was wondering.. How can you modify a PF file to have the TOC organization in the drawer rather than the flat page preview?

    Some PDFs of large documents have an organization that separates the PDF into sections and when you select that element or an element from the tree below an element, it jumps to that page.

    any Idea how I can add that to a PDF so it is no so obnoxious to navigate?
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    Dr Transport

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    Try writing the component sections then converting them to a PDF. When all is said and done, write the TOC and hyper-link the sections before creating the PDF of the TOC...
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    Actually, I was hoping for help on taking an Old PDF I got on line and converting it to such a system so I can just click on the section I want to jump to. I do not have Acrobat either.
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    Do you have access to a unix machine?

    If so you can do this:

    pdf2ps (convert pdf to postscript)
    ps2html (convert postscript to html)
    htmltoc (generate table of contents)
    html2ps (convert html to postscript) make sure to use the --toc option
    ps2pdf (convert postscript to pdf)

    I think it should work, but i'm not sure. Try it if you can.
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