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Critical Climate Change Conference in Stockholm

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    It's about time! It's good to see that the debate (that doesn't exist) is getting into the public eye.
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    Or perhaps it wasn't exagarated, that Red Square in Moscow.

    The mud throwing is unavoidable, it seems.

    http://scienceblogs.com/stoat/2006/08/global_warming_scientific_cont.php [Broken]
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    The "climate scientist's" hand waiving attempt at dismissing skeptics should clue everyone in on the lack of actual science to back up the alarmist claims. If their "proof" is so rock solid why not welcome skeptics to a world wide debate and embarrass them publicly using the most respected climate scientists at their disposal? Wouldn't that lay the issue to rest if the skeptics are wrong? It can only mean that the skeptics have valid points.

    It is truly interesting to watch this drama pan out. But, at the same time it's disturbing to see the science misused and misrepresented to fit agendas.
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