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Crystal structures of violet phosphorus and red phosphorus

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    For violet phophorus,it seems that the crystal structures given by two websites are not the same.In Openstax CNX,the link is http://cnx.org/contents/f46e8679-ee00-4073-9f5e-a87ca9955a9e@25.9:67/Chemistry_of_the_Main_Group_El
    and the Figure 12 displays it as follows:
    But in Chemwiki,the link is http://chemwiki.ucdavis.edu/Inorgan..._The_Nitrogen_Family/Chemistry_of_Phosphorous
    and the Figure 3 displays it as follows:

    Which is right for these two forms of structure ?
    There is a double bond between two phosphorus in the first figure,is the structure reseanable?
    There is a dangling bond in the phosphorus in the second one, is the structure stable ?
    For red phosphorus, the Wikipedia does not show a clear figure,for example
    who can supply a clear figure of the crystal structure?
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    If violet Phosphorus really forms a crystal structure, then it has (by definition) to be periodic in all 3 directions.

    For the purple allotrope the structure appears to be monoclinic with 84 (!) atoms in the unit cell, so the unit
    cell will be huge and have an odd shape.

    The images you show seem to be the same structure, just truncated differently.

    This is a relatively recent article that give more details:

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