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CV for physics PhD - what to include?

  1. Sep 18, 2013 #1
    Hi, currently I have the following sections: Personal info, education, research experience, computer skills, extra-curricular activities.
    Is there anything I am missing? Also, in the education section should I include breakdown on marks in different subjects, or my class each year (UK equivalent of GPA) or simply overall class?
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    If the job offer does not require more details, overall grades are probably fine (well, I know that for Germany, but I don't expect big differences in other European countries). If one class is really relevant for the PhD-topic and your grades there are significantly better than the average, it might be interesting to highlight that (but expect the follow-up question where your grades were worse).
    Depends on the things you included in those sections.
    Did you get some relevant prizes?
    Is there a publication where you contributed in some way?
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    It all depends on what you're goal is with the CV.

    If you're using it to get a job, you tailor it for the specific job. (Yes that means that you should create an independent CV/resume for each job you apply to.)

    For acadmia, I try to keep a "master" CV which has just about everything on it. Then I can whittle it down and format it for whatever specific thing I need it for.

    In addition to what you've mentioned I would include:
    - a publications list (seperated into peer-reviewed, conference abstracts, and non-reviewed work)
    - major awards list
    - presentations
    - teaching experience (courses taught, lab TA experience, etc.)
    - in some cases, a major projects section may be relevant
    - volunteer experience
    - committees that you've served on

    I don't think it's usually relevant to include course marks unless you have the goal of specifically highlighting an exceptional grade in a course that's relevant to what you're using the CV for.
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    I agree with Choppy. I am in industry, and a CV or resume that is clearly tailored for companies like ours is nice to see - at the very least it means the person cared enough to learn about us. Don't forget volunteer work, if you have some.

    What not to put on there (I have seen all of these):
    - High school awards. Seriously.
    - DIY projects at home, unless they are highly relevant (eg you are a licensed amateur radio operator and are applying to somewhat related jobs, etc.).
    - The address of your blog or personal web site if it isn't professional. I never google someone or look on social media to find their dirt,but if they list a web address on CV / resume I will check it out - it can be less than flattering.

  6. Sep 19, 2013 #5
    Thanks for the replies so far. The title is misleading for I meant to ask what to include in CV if you are applying for a PhD position (after finishing your undergraduate education).
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