What is Cv: Definition and 102 Discussions

The Convair CV-240 is an American airliner that Convair manufactured from 1947 to 1954, initially as a possible replacement for the ubiquitous Douglas DC-3. Featuring a more modern design with cabin pressurization, the 240 series made some inroads as a commercial airliner, and had a long development cycle that produced various civil and military variants. Though reduced in numbers by attrition, various forms of the "Convairliners" continue to fly in the 21st century.

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  1. P

    I Is this proof of cp - cv correct

    cp=(dU/dT)P+P(dv/dT)P cv=(dU/dT)V cp-cv=(dU/dT)P+P(dv/dT)P- (dU/dT)V=(dU/dV)T(dV/dT)P+P(dv/dT)P- (dU/dV)T(dV/dT)V since dV is zero (dU/dV)T(dV/dT)V is zero. Hence cp-cv=(dU/dV)T(dV/dT)P+P(dv/dT)P I expanded both dU/dT and since one of them has no change in volume it is zero. is it acceptable...
  2. R

    Get the mass of an argon atom and its molecular weight from Cv

    I don't see how isolate m or M. That is, how to get rid of <v^2> which is how I wrote the average of v2
  3. Uchida

    I Question regarding dh, du, cp, cv for ideal gases

    Hi, Considering the question bellow from a government work selection process:Check the FALSE alternative on the use of thermodynamic properties. In a cylinder-piston type system, the variation of the enthalpy property (Δh) is usually applied to determine the heat (per kilogram) exchanged with...
  4. M

    LaTeX Delete \entry Field in Resume Template: CurVe cv class

    Referencing this resume template, do you know how to delete the \entry field (dates) within the rubric (so that the text will align left without indentation)? I only want this for one rubric, but am unsure how to do this. Thanks so much!
  5. J

    I Exploring CV Bell State Measurement and Entanglement Swapping

    There is something I don't understand called CV Bell state measurement. In these two experiments they get two entangled beams "by overlapping phase-squeezed light with amplitude squeezed light with a phase difference of pi/2 at a 50-50 beamsplitter" See Figure 11...
  6. P

    Relationship between Cp, Cv and R

    According to me a=b cause what I have been learning is R is gas constant and hence it will be same for both. But the solution have says something else. According to them Cp-Cv=R/M where M is the molecular mass of gas. So is the above mentioned formula correct? Do we have to take that M term...
  7. TechieDork

    Need help with calculating a Cv in PHYWE's Heat Capacity of gases

    I've conducted this experiment yesterday. The main goal of this experiment is to find a gas constant R and compare it with its theoretical counterpart but I get stuck in calculating a Cv so I tried to find out what's wrong with my calculations by trying to calculate a Cv from the given data...
  8. E

    Are open access journals legit for my CV?

    One obvious disadvantage of Open Access Journals is that you have to pay for it. However, paying would have been worth it if it were to give me something I can cite on my CV. And this brings me to the following question: would citing open access journals on my CV help me at all? In particular, I...
  9. R

    Does the Flow Coefficient Cv have any units?

    Flow coefficient in valves doesn't have any units. why?
  10. A

    Relationship between Heat Capacity Cv for Different Models

    I think the C_V for van der waals gas will be larger than ideal gas since it‘s a more precise description. However, for the relationship I cannot come up with a specific equation.
  11. B

    How to calculate Carrier Concentration vs. Depth from a CV measurement?

    I'm trying to obtain the free carrier concentration vs depth profile from the CV (capacitance-voltage) measurements of a normally-on HEMT with the expressions used for a Schottky barrier, but I´'m confused about how to extract the values for depth. I found in textbooks and articles that the...
  12. Beth N

    I Calculate the mean, variance, stdev, and CV with 2 methods: check answers

    THE PROBLEM 6) Table 1 below contains data on offensive statistics for each game in the 2019 UW Husky Baseball season. Answer the following questions and/or complete the specified tasks using these data. Do everything by hand and show your work (good practice for the tests). a. Construct a...
  13. Baibhab Bose

    Phase transition between two phases with different Cv

    I actually can't figure out what kind of phase transition it is and how to proceed through..!
  14. Ellegal

    Schools Top School, Low GPA, Good CV -- Grad School for Theoretical Physics?

    Hey Everyone. So basically I'm having tonnes of anxiety about my future and would like a bit of a reality check on where I stand and what I will be able to achieve. I go to one of the best universities in the US for undergrad Physics, yet my GPA is on the lower side (3.1). This university was...
  15. IonReactor

    Would you kind people take a look at and comment on my CV?

    It's going to be sent to professors in my department that I want to work for and I hope to tweak it as fall approaches so that I can use it to find an internship.
  16. SchroedingersLion

    Job Skills Referees in CV: How to Label a Private Dozent

    Hello guys, I am writing a CV for PhD applications in the UK. I am from Germany. I want to include my referees into the CV and I don't know how to label the title of one of them: He is not a professor, but he is a private dozent. Is this title known internationally? In the German system, a...
  17. cooldudeachyut

    Enthelpy & Internal Energy Change relation with Cp & Cv

    Homework Statement Match the following Given : Processes do not include chemical reactions. Assume CP,m and CV,m are independent of temperature for given substance and consider only pressure-volume work in given all processes. Homework Equations ΔU = Q - W ΔH = ΔU +...
  18. MCTachyon

    Net calorific value (CV) per kmol of an fuel/air mix

    Homework Statement [/B] A fuel gas consists of 75% butane (C4H10), 10% propane (C3H8) and 15% butene (C4H8) by volume. It is to be fed to the combustion chamber in 10% excess air at 25°C, where it is completely burnt to carbon dioxide and water. The flue gases produced are to be used to...
  19. N

    Engineering Help writing a CV for someone with bad grades

    So I'm a fourth year EE & Physics student without a previous work experience and unfortunately with bad grades, currently I'm sitting on a 76 average, the thing is that my first year was rough and that's where most of my bad grades are, which are mostly mathematics courses, otherwise I have...
  20. B

    Pressure gradient along a streamline using CV analysis

    Homework Statement Use a CV analysis to show that an element of fluid along a streamline gives \[\partial p/\partial x=-\rho u\partial u/\partial x\] Homework Equations \[\sum F=\oint_{CS}^{ } \rho \overrightarrow{V}(\overrightarrow{V_{rel}}\cdot \overrightarrow{n})\] The Attempt at a...
  21. W

    Cp & Cv Values: Example Problem 11.1 Explained

    Hello, I tried attempting the following example problem 11.1(please see below), however I don't quite get from where they got cp=1.00 and cv=0.717? I know that Q=m*cp*delta T=> cp=Q/(m*delta T) Q=n*cv*delta T=>cv=Q/(n*deltaT) Problem statement Their solution: How did they...
  22. T

    Calculating pressure release time

    Hey people, I have a pressure vessel pressurized to say 20MPa at 33C, of which I'm working with a gas (scCO2 to be exact) which will then be released into the atmosphere (standard pressure and temperature) through a release valve; I'm wondering how long it will take for the pressure to reach...
  23. M

    Other Include In Progress Paper/Thesis on CV?

    I am currently writing emails to potential grad school advisers. I have no past publications, however I am about to write a paper (1st or 2nd author) as well as an honors thesis. Should I list these on my CV?
  24. S

    Admissions CERN Summer Student Program: Boost Your Grad School Application

    Hello! I was wondering how much does being admitted to CERN Summer Student Program counts for applying to a grad school in USA (and I mean adding this to your CV, personal statement and getting a recommendation letter from your mentor there). Like is this considered as more important than an...
  25. erbilsilik

    CV redox peaks and Gamry Potentiometer

    I'm using Gamry Potentiometer for taking CV measurements for finding the appropriate voltage values for oxidation/reduction peaks and Echem Analyst for analyzing. CV measurements has performed on liquid electrolyte in order to find if working electrode accept Li ions. My question is about...
  26. A

    Calculating CV of Fuel/Air Mixture @ 25°C

    Homework Statement A fuel gas consists of 75% butane (C4H10), 10% propane (C3H8) and 15% butene (C4H8) by volume. It is to be fed to the combustion chamber in 10% excess air at 25°C, where it is completely burnt to carbon dioxide and water. The flue gases produced are to be used to generate 5...
  27. Phylosopher

    LaTeX Is using latex to write a CV is a good idea?

    Hello,I know how to use latex, and some how I want to write that in my CV, but its really unprofessional to do that! so I am thinking of writing my CV and my personal statement instead with latex, and so if someone is interested in such a skill (Which isn't that much of a thing) he will notice...
  28. victorhugo

    Physics Need advice before sending my CV to my University

    A professor said: "Congratulations is in order then as this is no mean feat. If you email me your CV I will pass it around to the other academics." So I want to make sure that it is good to help me get internships and experience in the labs. Please, could you have a quick look and tell me what...
  29. M

    Admissions Should Community Service Unrelated to My Graduate Program be Included on My CV?

    I have some community service experience but not very long in duration and is not related to my graduate direction (eg. I was tutoring Chinese for a semester). Should I still include it?
  30. M

    Admissions Gradschool App: Cover Letter Needed for CV?

    I am applying to PhD programs and CV is required (of course) but do I also need a covering letter?
  31. F deba

    CV (cardiovascular) system and MRI related queries

    < Mentor Note -- thread moved to HH from the technical physics forums, so no HH Template is shown > Hi guys, I'm an IT student 'and lill favour in my masters research work so please help me to have valid answers for following questions ASAP. 1. Do patient specific MRI contains the information...
  32. M

    Admissions PhD Application Personal Statement Help: How Detailed?

    How detailed should the research experience be? For example, are things like "I developed a C algorithm to help the process of XXX?" worth mentioning? Or should this go to the Curriculum Vitae? Thank you!:woot:
  33. arpon

    Temperature dependence of Cv at very large volume

    Homework Statement In the case of a gas obeying the equation of state $$\begin{align}\frac{Pv}{RT}&=1+\frac{B}{v}\end{align} $$ where ##B## is a function of ##T## only, show that, $$\begin{align}c_v&=-\frac{RT}{v}\frac{d^2}{dT^2} (BT)+\left(c_v\right)_0\end{align}$$ where ##\left(c_v\right)_0##...
  34. M

    Admissions Resume Tips for Medical Physics PhD Application

    General Tips on What to focus on, what to avoid? :woot: 3 Specific questions: Should I keep it in ONE page? I have been helping on a grant which has been approved by NIH, how much details of the project should I include in the resume: the detailed goal of the grant, grant number, etc? Should I...
  35. M

    Electrochemistry: rate constant dependence on CV peak

    Hi there, I am currently studying charge transfer reactions between metallic electrodes and redox couples in aqueous electrolytes (in a diffusion limited system), and I was wondering about the influence of the rate constant on the reduction/oxidation peak maximum. Typically, it is assumed that...
  36. ramzerimar

    Engineering How to prepare for internships during 2nd year in MechE?

    I'm now heading towards the fourth semester in my Mechanical Engineering course, and I think it's a good time to start thinking about summer internships. Where I live, those usually happen in January-February, and companies start advertising their internship programs in september. I think it...
  37. M

    Thermodynamics, use of Cv and Cp

    I am studying for a thermo exam, and one of the problems I am doing deals with adiabatic expansion of a piston in a cylinder. When solving for work, the solution guide uses m*Cv*(T2-T1). I don't understand why they know how to use Cv instead of Cp. The pressure changes, so obviously you wouldn't...
  38. Hepth

    Job Skills Converting a CV to a Resume (from Academia to Industry)

    Does anyone have any good suggestions on what I should or should not include if I intend to apply to some industry-oriented jobs, coming from academia? When I was an engineer my resume had a lot more detail about the individual experiences of each job. That's fine and dandy, but what about my...
  39. Dai_Yue

    Find Cv as a function of V & T (or P & T) given G(P,T)?

    Homework Statement The function G is given in the question: G(P,T) = \frac{-aT^2} {P}, where a is a positive constant. Homework Equations dG = Vdp - SdT, and probably S(V,T) = (\frac{\partial S}{\partial T})_V dT + (\frac{\partial S}{\partial V})_T dV The Attempt at a Solution C_v dT =...
  40. L

    Skills to Put on CV for National Lab Internship

    I am going for an internship at a national laboratory and I think I have a pretty good chance but I am wanting to make my CV a little bit better. I won't know until I get the internship what I will be doing so I don't know what skills to include. I'm a senior in Chemistry and Math, I have...
  41. Kiarash

    Writing CV for an advanced undergraduate summer school

    I am applying to an undergraduate summer school. I should write a CV, but I do not know how should I write it. I would be happy if anyone can help me with the same experience. Thanks.
  42. O

    On your CV, should you mention your BS/MS if you have a PhD?

    Hi, On your CV, should you mention your B.S. and/or M.S. if you have a PhD? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  43. D

    Schools Resume or CV for Graduate School Applications

    I have a bit of a dilemma with graduate school applications that I feel many people here would have encountered. Part of the applications requires either a CV or a resume, and I find that the list of my expierences, educations, presentations and awards is a little to short to be considered a CV...
  44. Dishsoap

    On a CV, where do you put applications for external funding?

    When applying to graduate school, I consider it significant that I'm applying for external fellowships (since, in theory, it means the grad school may not have to fund me). Presently on my CV, I have a section for "national awards", and there I list Blah blah blah award 1 blah blah blah award 2...
  45. E

    Thermodynamics Proof : Cv (non-ideal gas) - Cv (ideal gas)

    Can someone please help me with the following proof ...I'm stuck and not sure if I'm even on the right path. Prove that What I've done so far; if U = f(T,V) dU = (∂U/∂T)v dT + (∂U/∂V)t dV Cv (non ideal) = (∂U/∂T)v Using dU = TdS - PdV and Maxwell relation (∂S/∂V)t =(∂P/∂T)v, (∂U/∂V)t =...
  46. M

    Tips for sorting conferences in CV

    I am a freshly graduated engineering student and am currently writing my first CV. At the end of my studies I attended one conference as a research paper author and another one as a guest lecturer on the same topic as the previous conference. I suppose both are important to be included in a CV...
  47. M

    Writing CV for PhD application

    I have been engaged in some laboratory projects during my master study. But only one of them which has been written as a paper, it has been accepted but not yet published. Now I want to write a CV for my PhD application, and wondering what I should write in the research experience section. Will...
  48. J

    Find Function/Transform for signal that minimizes CV of data

    Warning...this requires scripting and iteration, and is not theoretical -- it is a real problem I haven't been able to solve, but I'm sure someone here can... :-) Data: each .csv file is a test recorded at a time interval of 7.5Hz and each file has 3 columns. The first column is time in...
  49. B

    Is a Full GA Considered a Grant for University Applications?

    When preparing CV for universities' applications, is a full Graduate Assistantship (GA) that covers the whole tuition fees considered as a grant? If not, how should it be mentioned in a CV?
  50. H

    Real gas equation in terms of Cv?

    Is there a form of the van der waal equation in terms of the Cv of the gas? Is it derivable?